I’m EC, the artist behind EC Erasmus Art currently from Auckland, New Zealand.

I started art as a hobby approximately two years ago by first dabbling with some very old watercolours that have followed me around the country whenever I moved. I found inspiration with ink pens and began exploring a dotwork style. I love using ink pens as black and white artwork is some of my favourite and creates a simplicity that allows me to focus on the subject of my drawing. Due to Coivd, I picked up the paint brush once again and have been learning how to paint with acrylics and enjoy creating custom pieces on upcycled garments.

One of my main sources of inspiration come from New Zealand’s unique, native flora and fauna. I create a lot of animal art and enjoy adding a humorous twist to my pieces, such as a skiing octopus or a sassy flamingo.

Artwork on my website is evolving and changing with my style and aesthetic. I order limited stock of each piece, so when I sell out of an artwork, it won’t be coming back!

Please enjoy this gallery of my work!